Via Júlia, 170 - 08016 Nou Barris - Telephone: 93 276 21 17
Montañesa is the ground where most BIFL matches are played, on most Saturdays games take place here at 2.00, 4.00, 6.00 and 8.00, so not only do you get your own match, but can usually watch other BIFL games before and after, and there’s a great atmosphere in the club bar on match days. They also show English, French, Spanish and German league football on Digital Plus, and serve some excellent grub.
It now has an artificial grass surface, but be very careful with the stone kerb around the edge of the pitch, which is potentially dangerous and will hopefully be sorted out by the club soon.
It is about a minutes walk up from Via Julia metro station on the yellow line. You can’t miss it – and coming by car it’s right next to Salida 2 on the Ronda de Dalt. If you take the slip road on the right of the Rondas, heading down alongside the ground, take the first right (an illegal turning but don’t worry about that) and then immediately swing right again to get into the car park.
This is the only ground where you can leave your kit to be washed by Cisco, the hard-working groundsman who has won legendary status in the league.

c/ Oristà, 8-10 - 08033 Nou Barris - Telephone 93 353 87 44
Vallbona is situated in a fairly grim district separated from the rest of Barcelona by the motorway, with the pitch next to a railway track and overlooked from above by a cemetery. It is much easier to get to these days though, as it is within walking distance of the Torre Baró / Vallbona metro stop on the new light green Line 11 (change at Trinitat Nova at the end of yellow Line 4). Come out of the ‘Estació Renfe’ exit, and on the right you will see a long bridge that crosses the motorway. Walk right across the bridge, and turn right at the end and under the railway bridge, the ground is on the right.
By car, you need to get onto the C-17, usually by leaving the city centre on Avinguida Meridiana. Just after a petrol station and a ‘punt verd’ recycling point, you’ll see a small sign for Vallbona – go that way and turn right at the end of the road and go under the railway bridge, where you will have no problem parking.
Some suggest that this is not the safest of areas, especially later in the evening, but the BIFL has never encountered any problems. The ground staff are very friendly, the bar may not have much to offer but the prices are unbeatable, and the actual facilities are very good indeed
This is a dirt pitch, and probably the biggest of the ones used in the BIFL.


Passeig Salvat Papasseit, 1 - 08003 Barceloneta - Telephone: 93 221 25 09
Barceloneta is located at the opposite end of the yellow line to Montañesa and Vallbona, down in the seaside district of Barceloneta, between the Old and Olympic Ports. Coming out of Barceloneta metro station, head towards the beach by crossing the main road, but then turn left and follow Doctor Aiguader towards the two tall Olympic towers. About 400 metres down the road you’ll find the ground next to weird mushroom shaped object and a the most pointless bridge in the city, which stops before actually going anywhere.
By car, you need to come off the Ronda Litoral for Barceloneta / Port Vell. In Passeig Salvat Papasseit next to the ground you can often find somewhere to park, especially at the weekend (but beware of the windscreen being smashed by stray balls from the pitch!)
The facilities are good, even though there is a whiff of drainage problems in the dressing rooms, and the bar isn’t bad.
The pitch has, since the summer of 2006, been artificial, and a very good one too.


C/ Ordal - Barrio de “Les Arenes” de Terrassa
   Of the many challenges that BIFL teams face over an average season, finding Terrassa’s pitch is possibly the most daunting. Terrassa is a city about 40km out of Barcelona. You can get to Terrassa by train from Plaça Catalunya on the FFCC, and from the station the easiest option would probably to take a taxi.
Most teams prefer to make the journey by car. Allow plenty of time for the journey because, believe us, you WILL get lost!
    Leave Barcelona and take the C-58 motorway to Terrassa and Sabadell, for about 18 km. Before reaching Terrassa, turn off where it says ‘Les Fonts’ as if you were going to the petrol station at ‘km 17’. As you leave the motorway, take the first oin the right, heading away from the Carrefour hypermarket,
    You should now be following the dry river bed (called ‘Les Arenes’) on the left. Go on for about 2 km, going straight across the roundabout next to the Eroski hypermarket. You will pass Sant Cristofol football club on the right, and will then go under a railway bridge.
    If you’re not lost in the mad Terrassa one-way system by now, you should find a ruight turning into Carrer Canigo. Go to the end of that street and turn left into Carrer Aneto. Two or three junctions further, and you should find the ground on the right.
    It’s easy enough to park in the area. The ground itself is the smallest in the league, so you may need to adjust your game plan accordingly. The facilities themselves are pretty decent, and the Terrassa lads always welcome it if you can stay behind for a few drinks after the game, or even accompany them to their sponsor’s pub in nearby Rubi.



Estadi Municipal d'Aiguadolç - Telephone: 93 894 50 56
  The Sitges pitch has had an artificial surface longer than any other used in the BIFL, and generally makes for a very popular day out. The pitch itself is also extremely small, and the bar is not built yet, so make sure you take plenty of water. If driving, you need to head for the airport and then follow the signs for Castelldefels and Sitges. After Castelldefels you have two options, either paying the tolls to take the C32 through the tunnels (quick) or taking the very windy C31, which is free (long).
Coming on the C31 you will pass right by the ground on the left (see map). Coming on the C32 you need to take the first exit for Sitges / Aiguadolç and follow the road around towards Aiguadolç until you come to a big roundabout, where you should turn right towards the port and a big hotel. At the hotel turn left down to the pitch. If you get lost just ask for Aiguadolç (the port) and you will see the ground on the way.
You can also take a train from Passeig de Gracia or Sants, it only takes about 20 minutes. From there you need to head back up-coast to get to Aiguadolç on the northern outskirts of the town, you can walk it in about 20 minutes, or take a taxi.

Sant Marti
Sant Marti Condal, c/ Treball nº 176 93-3134351
  Sant Marti is handily placed near the metro station of the same name (that'll be Sant Marti then), which is on purple line two. You come out on Ramblas Guipuscoa, and from there it is just a couple of blocks walk to the intersection of Carrers Treball and Andrade. Just be careful not to make the mistake of going to another, larger football ground just down the road (also on the map), which is where Jupiter play.
If you come by car, it isn't usually too bad to find somewhere to park on a Saturday, and access is good, being right next to the Gran Via.
The pitch itself is a fairly standard BIFL affair, dirt surface, decent enough facilities, and a great bar right next to the pitch, serving pretty
good food.


Carretera Alta de les Roquetes, s/n
  This is the newest addition to the BIFL’s collection of venues. It is a fairly small dirt pitch right on the northern boundary of Barcelona. The facilities are fine if the weather is good, but if it is bad, there is not much cover and you won’t be able to do much cat-swinging in the bar.
It is very easy to get to on the metro. Take green line 3 right to the end, and take the Via Favencia exit. From here, walk up (towards ‘Hospitalet’ not ‘Badalona’) until you get to Plaça Karl Marx, which is basically a huge roundabout. On the top side of the roundabout, you will see some seven-a-side football pitches, and to the left of them a clinic, and to the left of that, a short, steep road heading up. The ground is about 50m up the road, on the left in Carretera Alta de les Roquetes.
By car, you can get to Plaça kart Marx by coming off the Ronda de Dalt at Salida 3.

Campo de Sant Andreu
  The nearest metro stations are "La Pau" (line 2/purple and line 4/yellow) and "Sagrera" (line 1/red and line 5/blue). It is a bit easier to get there from "Sagrera". Go down Carrer Garcilaso, cross the bridge called Pont de Treball, then take Ronda de Sant Martí on the left and walk as far as the ground.
From "La Pau" it's a bit harder. From the station you first have to find Rambla Prim and from Rambla Prim find the little path that leads to the ground but doesn't have a name.

I go up Meridiana (away from Barcelona), turn right into Dublin (past Hipercor) and go straight, past ground of Sant Andreu (Narcis Sala) to end. Turn right and then left over bridge. Entrance right in front of you after crossing the bridge.